January 18, 2017

2017 and onwards

Dare you to believe that 2017 has arrived, and it isn’t planning on waiting for anyone. SO BRING IT ON!

Looking back at 2016, Riverside Liquors managed to fully transform from a store to “An Experience” with #EveryWeekend #Tastings, a massive upgrade for in store aesthetics, and even private tastings.

Our selections also grew… with wines increasing from 1200 to 1300+ wines, with our international wine selection growing to over 100; Single Malts options now sit at just under 80 different variants; craft beers at just under 100 different brands, and the biggest growth saw craft gin literally blow up to over 30 different gins complimenting some of the best craft tonics available.

Our website has also undergone a facelift, showcasing all our services, our up coming tastings, recommended products, new products, as well as an in-depth detail on the current wine promotions.

An exciting adventure that Roger and I would like to put together is a golf and wine tour to the cape on an annual basis for around 10 interested participants – whereby a weeks trip to the Cape will alternate between wine farms and golf courses.

The bottom line about Riverside Liquors is that we are not just a bottle store – nor do we want to be. We are “The Beverage Experience” and encourage you to come in an witness first hand the experience we offer.

2017, bring it on 🙂


Ps: check out these these two video’s we find rather intriguing

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